Personal trainer - Pilates - Fitness Instructor

Hi, I'm Alex Eversden,

I am a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor living in Dorset and I am committed to helping people in my area improve their health and fitness.

Just to let you know some background. I've been involved in teaching all sorts of fitness classes since I first qualified over thirty years ago. I believe in making sure that I've had the best training so that everyone who works with me will get an effective, appropriate and safe workout. I like to encourage people to exercise with good technique so they get the maximum benefit from their hard work.

I also know that people only come back if they enjoyed their class and had some fun. My aim is to get you performing good quality exercise with a smile on your face and to see you again next time.

At the moment I'm teaching a wide range of classes locally which are attended by women and men of all ages, sizes and abilities. Everybody is welcome.

I have been teaching Pilates for the past 20 years. This is a great mind/body exercise and many clients benefit from greatly improved posture and core strength. I also provide a Personal Training service and with my experience 

I can help you in one to one (or small group) sessions, to focus on your short term targets and long term goals, whatever these might be.

My aim here is to help you look and feel better and enjoy life more.

If you would like to know more or have a chat please contact me on 

Tel: 01929 553642         07769 584820       [email protected]       

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